Thursday, September 5, 2013

Connecter for PS3 gamepad

Recently, I bought some old games via a web site suppling computer game as I referred to.
They a couple of action games. Then, I noticed that I had no gamepad for PC.

Actually, as a computer gamer, I had possessed several gamepad or related devices. However, I dropped all of them last year, for I thought I would not play action games any more. This prediction had been broken.

I remember I used my PS3 controller as a gamepad for PC for a while.
PS3 controller is not originally suitable for PC use. When connected via micro USB cable, a controller is recognized by the Windows OS. But it cannot work properly.
Then, installing a certain software enables PS3 controller to work.
The other day, I used to the software. But finally I uninstalled it for some disadvantage.

I searched the software. However, I could not find it. Although some similar softwares were detected, they were crippled.

After all, I chose to buy a normal gamepad for PC.
Entering an electronic store, I saw a cute item.

This is it! It is a converter from PS3 controller to PC gamepad.
How to use is quite simple. After installing the driver, I connected the PS3 controller to the PC through the converter via micro USB connecter. That's all. Opened the control panel, I saw that a PS3 controller was available as a gamepad.

This excellent item costs about $17. It is not so cheap, but reliable.
I found one via after that. It was a little surprising that no tool like this was detected at

Now I am playing Guilty Gear XX #Reload. Much fun!

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