Friday, January 25, 2013

Sudden retirement of teachers for money

Recently, hundreds of teachers of official schools retired before the end of aniversary term in Saitama Prefecture. The reason of early retirement is decreasing of retirement money. Saitama prefecture decided the reduction of payment because of worsening of fiscal status. So teachers ran out before the actual adaptation of cutting of the fee.
The same events occurred also in some other prefectures in similar situation.
(110 Saitama teachers seeking early exit: Daily Yomiuri Online)

Mr. Kiyoshi Ueda, the governor of Saitama prefecture, and Mr. Hakubun Shimomura, the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, both blamed the teachers, as they were not responsible for education of students.

Actually, sudden retirement annoys other people in work. I have some tough experiences to take over others. I understand the anger of remained teachers.

However is it evil behavior to run away from severe circumstance?

If they had completed their work in whole term, the total salary they received would have been reduced by more than $1 million. In short, they would have to work for free in the last 2 month. It is obviously ridiculous.
Right from the beginning, system of retirement money is strange. In Japan a full-fledged employee usually receives reduced fee as salary, instead receives vast money at the time of their retirement. This system prevents employees from early retirement. Japanese company can grow the employees for a long time to utilize them as specialized persons. Japanese style management such as this had a great advantage.

However nowadays, market of business persons became mobilized. Few people tend to work at one company all his life. It is common to change one’s job for increased salary also in Japan.

I think that this news is symbolic as corruption of Japanese working style.
I sometimes hear news that many doctors suddenly quit a hospital.
Everybody must choose his work, not his company. Teachers, so called "sacred profession" are not exception.

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  1. >It is common to change one’s job for increased salary also in Japan.

    Yes. This is true in any other countries..... People tend to change jobs many times, and also, move far away from homeland, women tend to work...This is the 21st century.

    The problem is how to adjust to this century, not to change this... However, it is not so easy. A lot of countries are struggling for this. This is not a specific problem in Japan. Every country must find its own answer.