Sunday, January 13, 2013

Memory of Gamebook

Do you know Gamebook?

Gamebook, or Adventure Gamebook is a book shaped toy. Usually you should read a book from the beginning to the last page in order. Gamebook is different. You can choose which chapters you want to read the next as your will.
For example, there is a paragraph.

Page 11
 A giant monster is approaching to you.
 You will;
  Fight by a sword: Go to page 38.
  Run away, you must roll a die;
   1-3: you succeed: Go to page 59.
   4-6: you are caught: Go to page 178.

You see, the hero or heroine is yourself! You will act as a brave soldier, a wise wizard, or a smart detective, in the world of the book. And you choose any your own actions to make a way to final goal. If you made a bad choice, your adventure would result in miserable failure.

Gamebook was developed as an alternative of Table Talk Role Playing Game originally. In 1980s a lot of Gamebooks were created by specialized authors, such as Mr. Steve Jackson. In Japan Mr. Naoto Suzuki is the most famous as a Gamebook creator.

Wikipedia: Mr. Steve Jackson
Wikipedia: Mr. Naoto Suzuki (in Japanese)

Mr. Steve Jackson performed a lot of works. My favorite is “Sorcery!” series that was translated into Japanese. Recently renewal versions were published in Japan.

Amazingly, there are two men named Mr. Steve Jackson in game industry. Mr. Steve Jackson in USA also made some excellent Gamebooks. He founded a company dealing board games.

Steve Jackson Games

As you can imagine, Gamebook was replaced to computer games. Now extremely few new works are published. I feel a little sorry about this. Adventure with a book and pencil has fascinated me.

You should remember even now some Gamebooks are available as iPad apps.

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