Sunday, January 6, 2013

Federal Trade Commission's decision about Google

Google won the battle about antitrust matter. The Federal Trade Commission concluded that Google was not manipulating search results to harm consumers.

The New York Times: Google Wins an Antitrust Battle

I heard some kinds of this issue. Recently there was an argument whether Microsoft restricted consumers’ right to select an internet blousing software with bundling Internet Explorer ® within Windows OS.
In Japan, Fair Trade Commission (FTC) has established since 1947. FTC watches market and sometimes investigates too low price of an item, or secret alliance by specified companies.

As a consumer, we are willing to accept the activity of this official audit. However it may be difficult to distinguish a unacceptable behavior by a company from a fair one for better sells. Too much regulation by the government may shrink economic activity.

If Google were manipulating the search results for improving their interest, I would sustain almost no damage individually. On the other hand, if Google search engine vanished, I would suffer much greater.

Relatively bad thing is better than nothing. This is a difficult problem.

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