Friday, January 11, 2013

Mensa and the goal of life

Actually, I am a Mensan.

Mensa is an international group consists of members with high IQ.

Two years ago I passed the examination and entered Mensa. Mensan, a member of Mensa, is demanded to certify that his or her IQ is in the top 2% of the population. It means that the IQ of Mensan is higher than 135. The top 2% of the population sounds great. But the fact is that there are 2 million people who have capacity for Mensan in Japan.
Indeed, members of Mensan are not so extraordinary. As far as I know, they are nice guys and cute ladies.

I read a newspaper published by Japan Mensa. The article titled “For what I live” was interesting.
“Why do I live?” “What is my goal of life?” It is an essential and quite difficult question.
The author claims that the question cannot be solved because the absolute evidence cannot be certified. Yes, it is a great paradox.

The author shows the examples of answers based on three different stances for the question.
A philosopher says, “I do not know. That’s all.”
A religionist says, “The God knows the answer.”
And, a scientist says, “Someday it will be clarified.”

Human has been asking themselves this question since a long time ago, I guess.
So I will add two answers.

A poet says, “The goal of life is to find the goal of life.”

And, a psychiatrist will say, “You wonder the goal of life? You may be suffering from depression.”

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