Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Book review – The Shift

I read “The Shift: The Future of Work Is Already Here” by Ms. Lynda Gratton. The Shift: The Future of Work Is Already Here

This book is very famous also in Japan. Some groups held a journal club in which they read it and discussed the content together. It means that the theme is applicable for Japanese.

The author claims that our environment is changing rapidly with 5 aspects below;
 1. Development of technology
 2. Globalization
 3. Change of the structure of population (aging)
 4. Change of the social trend
 5. Exhaustion of energy resource

And we have to change our working style. Else, we would face to miserable life, such as lack of time, poverty, and solitude, in future, the author says.
She presents the solution for avoidance of undesired future, so called “three shifts”.
 1. Acquirement of specialize technique continuously
 2. Collaborative innovation
 3. Experiences with enthusiasm

She suggests that one of the archetypes of happy workers in future include regional entrepreneurs.

I agree with her partially.
Globalization and evolution of technology robs us of a lot of work. We may live without work in future, and it is not so happy for us. The newly value to live has to be created.
Development of internet community reduces the opportunity of real meeting. I wonder whether this change is admirable or not.

However, about some matter the author claims, I am doubtful.
Sustainability of civilization is a severe problem. But I think exhaustion of energy resource hardly occurs. Coal and oil are rich at least until the end of 21st century. I also expect that revolution of shale gas can resolve energy problem. To assess the influence of environmental change is very difficult. I have relative optimistic idea about environmental pollution.
The problem of unequal society is also misleading matter. The absolute gap between rich and poor is inevitable. And the better the society is getting, the more gap is widened. The true problem is that we tend to compare self to others who are rich, not compare to ourselves in past.

This book offers some interesting points of view with strong impact . But I cannot set a high valuation on it. More precise prediction of future and deeper discussion are needed.

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