Saturday, July 20, 2013

Quarter Pounder Red Spark

I missed limited burger 1 week ago, so I challenged again today.

McDonald's has sold Quarter Pounder Jewelry series since 2 weeks ago. Each hamburger can be bought at only one day.
And Today is the day of "Ruby Spark".
"Ruby Spark" includes 5 slices of Chorizo, pepper jack cheese, and avocado filling.

I went to nearby McDonald's at 11 AM. The store was so crowded that I had to wait for 20 minutes.

It was put away in a dressing box.

And opening the box, I met Ruby Spark.

Look at it!

This tasted a little hot because of Chorizo and Jalapeño sauce. Avocado matched the meet very much. Fried onion made a nice flavor.
However, it was difficult to bite, for the Chorizo were sticking out.

Hmm, it is truly delicious. But, unfortunately, I do not hope to eat one so often.

Recently McDonald's raised up the prices of some hamburgers. Continuing to gain interests is quite difficult for food service industries in Japan. McDonald's will be struggling.

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  1. Some people say that the main problem of this burger is "bread". They use the same (or not so far defferent) bread for this burger, though the ham or cheese are changed to expensive one... I can understand that Mcdornald's wants to put "more gorgeous" image for their burger, but I think they should use another way.