Saturday, July 13, 2013

Quarter Pounder Jewelry, challenge of McDonald's

Today I went to McDonald's to eat a special hamburger, and in vain.

McDonald's have been performing a special sales campaign since the last Saturday, named 'Quarter Pounder Jewelry'.

It sells a new hamburger only in every Saturday for 3 weeks. Each hamburger is composed of some gorgeous materials, such as pineapple, truffle, avocado, and so on. It costs 1,000yen (about $10).

McDonald's seems to have been conservative to introduce expensive materials. I guess it is to suppress the cost price. Other hamburger restaurants like Kua Aina have been selling Avocado Burger. So McDonald's are loved by people who prefer to low cost meal.

In Japan, the need for a low price is widespread due to the long standing deflation. The Companies have been struggling to cost cutting. However, the situation was changed by Abenomics.
Therefore, it may be beneficial for McDonald's to change its image of cheap products.

I guess this campaign has a meaning as an experiment for McDonald's whether high grade hamburgers are accepted to the consumers.

And the result seems to be grateful.

The new hamburgers were sold out in early time.
I failed to get it.


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  1. I think this 1000yen burger is not so nice... I have already strong image that MacDonald's burgers are cheap. Thus I cannot feel this burger is worth 1000yen even if it tastes good. If I have 1000yen and free time I will choose another burger, I think.