Thursday, July 4, 2013

Blame to a pregnant worker: awful problem in Japan

Recently, I am really disappointed to see some claims on the internet.

Mekarauroko (New findings): July 2nd, 2013 (in Japanese)

The author watched a scene that some mothers were talking each other about a nurse working in a kindergarten. One day the nurse caring the children of the mothers got pregnant. Then, the mothers blamed her.
According to them, the nurse should not be pregnant during the term of caring the children. The mothers deemed her as irresponsible. They made complaints to the chief of the kindergarten. At last, the nurse of pregnant got retired.

What happened? A nurse should not be pregnant? Incredible.

The author wrote that “The result is that this nurse showed the fact that a woman should not be pregnant if she wants to continue to work, to the kindergarteners.” It is no other than a nightmare.
Perhaps, the users of this kindergarten have not thought of working for surviving. So they never understand the mind of working mothers.

There is other news on the internet.

Caring children channel: A teacher in charge of 3rd grade is pregnant: no awareness? (in Japanese)

The founder of this sled made sarcastic remarks to the pregnant teacher in charge of 3rd grade of a junior high school. She was afraid that the retirement of this teacher would influence badly to their students.
In Japan, junior high school is composed of 3 grades. Some students must take an entrance examination to enter a high school. Indeed, this one year is important for them.
Most of other comments agreed with the first opinion. Some claims that a teacher with the possibility of pregnancy should not be engaged in 3rd grade.

I was confused.
Is being pregnant a behavior to be blamed? According to them, planning to be pregnant is admirable. If so, when can she be pregnant appropriated? What is the kind of jobs preferable?

Traditionally, working men make complaints about pregnancy of the women in Japan. It has been a big problem for working women. Furthermore, non-working mothers also blame working mothers. How stupid it is.

Interestingly, comments written by other people than the users of this BBS are mostly opposed to the first opinion. Some persons say it is ridiculous to criticize the pregnant teacher. Others claim that a change of the teacher is not to be worried about at all. These comments relieved me a little.
At the same time, I noticed the chasm between the two clusters. Non-working mothers and persons with the opinion of gender equality hardly understand each other.

Japan is suffering from low birthrate now. This is one of the most serious problems in Japan. I am quite sorry to think it is no doubt that women do not want to get a child in Japan, after hearing this news.

How about this problem in other countries? I would like to ask you information.

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  1. I'm so sorry for hearing this. Generally, at least in most Western countries it is not like this. Definitely Japan is a quite strange country in this aspect.... It's crazy.
    If people behave "heartless" to a pregnant person, they will also behave heartless to a disabled person, a foreigne visitor, and so on. Remember, these people will face difficulty ONLY BECAUSE they are pregnant, disabled, and foreigne people..... what can they do? If people behave bad, it is quite normal that they will face difficulty, however.. in this case, it is against morals.