Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Madoka Magica the Movie

Today, the blue ray disc package of Madoka Magica the Movie was delivered from
This film is a cinematic version of Puella Magi Madoka Magica, re-edited from the original TV animation version. I watched this movie in a cinema to be impressed very much.

To be honest, I have got two series of Madoka Magica already, one of which I bought in Taiwan, the other is an English version (of course both are TV version, not cinematic version). Therefore, this is the first Japanese version I got.

The package is quite cute.

In the hard case, 2 BDs, 1 CD, and a booklet are contained.

The soundtracks of cinematic version are recorded on the CD. Unfortunately, original background musics in the TV version are not recorded.

The quality of the graphics is amazing.

However, I cannot watch these splendid movies on my iPad or Kindle Fire, for copying a material in a BD is prohibited in Japan, even if for personal use. I think it is ridiculous. If I ripped the data of the BD into my own Kindle Fire, the author of the product would not suffer any damage.

Therefore, I will not buy any BDs which is not coupled with a digital copy if possible.

By the way, the new movie of MadoKa Magica is coming soon. I wonder it will be good work, for the original Madoka Magica is extremely completed as a story.

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