Wednesday, October 18, 2017

IS' capital fallen

Raqqa, a Syrian city where Islamic State had claimed as its capital, was liberalized.

The Independent: Raqqa: Isis completely driven out of Syria 'capital' by US-backed forces

It occurred on Oct. 17th, 2017. The US-backed armies completely took the control of Raqqa, and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights declared the triumph. Raqqa had been conquered by IS since 2014. IS had identified there as its capital, although no nations had approved it.

Thousands of people have been killed in the series of battle there. A third of the victims were said to be citizens.

Now, the troop of SOHR is investigating whether terrorists and landmines remain there. After the investigation, the city will be normalized.

However, this event does not mean the extinction of IS at all. To begin with, IS is not identified as a nation by other than the members of IS. Thus, the capital of IS does not exist. There is no rule of terminating this conflict. In addition, members of IS will continue conducting terror attacks as same as previously, I guess, unfortunately.

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