Tuesday, October 30, 2012

New PC with WIN8 by Panasonic (1)

I bought a new PC, "Let's Note AX2" by Panasonic.

This is a new model as "Let's note" which is a brand of mobile PC produced by Panasonic.

"Let's Note" series is very famous in Japan especially in business persons. From my experience, many physicians and pharmacists in Japan use "Let's Note" or Mac Book.
One of advantage of this series is toughness. Almost all PC of this bland has passed the 76cm drop examination. They are also well resistant against strong pressure. In Japan many business person has to go to office via crowded train. So toughness of the mobile PC is an important factor.

"Let's Note AX2" is the first model as an Ultrabook in Panasonic.
It is thinner than previous model. The thickness is only 18mm.
It equips touch panel display, which can be rotated 360 degree. So I can use this also as a tablet style PC. It's cool!

However "Let's Note AX2" is expensive. Even if the cheapest model costs about $2,000. Is it truly an Ultrabook?
Indeed, Panasonic always provides high-quality PCs with high costs. For Panasonic, AX2 is not an Ultrabook but a new style PC, maybe.

By the way, how is usability of this newest PC?
It is astonishing for me...

(To be continued.)

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